Parts for bridges and structural buildings

Client: Private
Year: 2018
Work done: R+D, design and manufacturing
Category: R+DFabrication | Parts | R&d


This project, intended for the civil engineering and architecture sector, consists on the design and manufacture of a series of structural logistics pieces that can be integrated into bridges and buildings. The pieces are designed to give greater flexibility of movement and torsion capacity, which exceeds five times the durability against steel; in addition to providing a differential aesthetic touch.
The pieces, designed in 3D by FICEP S3, are capable of maintaining the shape of metal tubes that, exposed to drastic environmental temperature changes, tend to expand and contract, allowing deformation of up to 4mm in any direction and thus avoiding possible damage structural.
Conventional parts, made of galvanized metal and coated with zinc, lose their protective layer and tend to rust due to exposure to environmental changes. This means that they need regular maintenance; something that is not necessary in the case of parts made by additive manufacturing. A solution that, in addition to being innovative and aesthetic, is most functional and effective for all purposes, since it drastically reduces maintenance, staffs and logistics costs.
Another feature of the project is that being made of a lighter material, its installation is much easier, reducing the need for labor.
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