Air Management System Series

Cliente: S3 Advanced Engineering project

Year: 2020
Work done: R+D, design and manufacturing
Category: R+DR&d


This modular air management system, manufactured in 3D and designed for applications where large volumes of emission-free air are required, was originally devised for the daVINCI paint line drying system, positioning itself as the first in the industry capable to generate temperatures of up to 167 degrees Celsius of dry air using 37 KW, generating 0 emissions, without using fossil fuel burning. Now, this same system can be used, through a compact 12vDC tabletop device, to clean the air from spaces and release almost 100% of all pathogens that are active in the air. The result is the same air, but dry and sterile.

In order to adapt this invention to a more versatile use, intended for the air sterilization of spaces, we have developed a range of three models ranging from a desk-sized device to industrial systems for large professional spaces. The AMS air management system manages to filter the incoming air and it treats it through a wide spectrum of UV light inside the cyclone maze before it is silently ejected from the top.

Through the use of the UV complement, which is used to cure some types of paint and epoxies, the AMS modifies the air that is processed through a cyclical system that forces it to take the longest possible path, so that it is exposed to as much UV light as possible before leaving the system. This means that the air leaving the device has eliminated approximately 95% of bacteria and microorganisms, deactivating all the viruses found in the environment, including aerosols which are processed in the air.

The wavelength system designed for this system is 200-400 nanometers, with which it is possible to sterilize the air without sacrificing its efficiency, as it is a 100% safe contained system that eliminates exposure to human light.

The AMS mini is positioned as a tool to purify the air of spaces such as hospital rooms, hotels, shops, laboratories or domestic spaces, among others.

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