Hormigón Reciclado: Project BCN

Client: Private
Year: 2018
Work done: R+D
Category: R+DR&d


Generate recycled concrete from the waste caused during and after the 3D printing process. That’s what Project BCN is about, a project for which we have created a new system that uses waste such as plastic powders, dyes, agents, glass spheres or aluminum oxide to produce a concrete hybrid that represents a sustainable alternative for the construction industry.

Project BCN’s goal stems from the idea that although 3D printing is a technology that allows itself to substitute polluting processes and materials for a wide range of applications, it generates, in return, a large amount of waste during its own process of manufacturing. A facet of this type of technology that nobody talks about and on which this project aims to act directly; giving new life to these polluting wastes, turning them into resources and contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint. After months of study, we have developed a system that manages to recycle the leftovers from the process of our own 3D manufacturing process, in which we use various thermoplastics and different chemical fusion and fixing agents, among others.

But Project BCN is also looking for a solution to the problems caused by the concrete industry, of which, according to OECD data, it is estimated that each year uses 27 trillion tons of sand and gravel. Terrifying data for the planet and the environment, if we take into account that the needs for sand and gravel in the industry are going faster than nature itself; this impacting on the destruction of beaches and rivers. These all, together with the greenhouse gases created by the manufacture of cement, which alone represents no less than 7% of global CO2 emissions.

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