Client: private
Año: 2017-2018
Work done: R+D
Category: machineryR&d


Project Black was born out of a necessity to be able to efficiently dye 3D printed parts and assemblies to achieve a uniformed black surface finish from our MJF printed Parts. We started this project by researching various dye techniques, dye to water proportions, and temperature studies. Once we reached the desired result, we tested and retested until we were satisfied that we have obtained not only the correct formula, but the correct temperature range and dye absorption. This process took about 8 months to complete.

The next logical step was to find a way to automate the entire process into a compact machine that once finished would provide us with the desired results, without the hassle and mess of traditional methods, but without the expense and waist of existing machines.
The objectives given to our engineers for this project were:

The machine must be as compact as possible, it must not occupy more than one square meter of floor space, and be easily transported.

Its capacity has to be greater or equal to 230mm x 340mm x 250mm. The entire process has to be automatic and self-contained, the user should not come into direct contact with dye of fumes at any time during the process.

It must be more Eco Friendly then existing machines. We were able to reduce the dye and water mix by 2.34l at MAX and a reduction of 6.82l at MIN compared to existing machines.

The user interface has to be clear and simple.

It has to be priced in a range that would allow the serious hobbyist to buy and operate, not just large companies.
All the above objectives have been met and surpassed thanks to our experience with design and fabrication of industrial machinery.

The acquisition of this machine implies a very affordable price, compared to the existing technologies on the market.

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