daVINCI Painting Line

Client: private
Year: 2017-2018
Work done: R+D + Prototype manufacturing, testing and certification.
Category: machinerymachinery | R&d


The daVINCI has been designed to provide our customers the most advanced technology available on the market.
It is the only machine for Structural Steel that incorporates Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which permits the daVINCI to learn the best parameters for movement, speed, and drying with different types of paints and environmental conditions. The machines share what they have learned with our servers and then teach other installed machines what they have learned, in a 100% anonymous and encrypted protocol, which helps to minimize operator error and optimize production. (A process exclusive to S3 Advanced Engineering) .

The operator of the daVINCI and relevant maintenance personnel are in constant connection to the machine. Alarms, alerts, and production status are sent instantly to the operator via our exclusive smartwatch included with the machine, which gives both audio and vibration alerts in order to stay informed in real time of any information relevant to the machine.

Included is a large display Android tablet, which gives step by step illustrated instructions to all maintenance procedures, component identification, and system technical documentation by simply scanning the QR code next to the component or the QR code in the maintenance manual. Complicated repairs are assisted via Augmented Reality Glasses in which provides two-way, real time communication with S3 Advanced Engineering as well as step by step instructions for repairs and maintenance.

The daVINCI is built by S3 Advanced Engineering at our Technical Center near Barcelona. This center is considered one of the most innovative facilities in Spain by the Ministry of Economy and Industry (Madrid, December 2017).

The Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) is a simple graphic interface which provides the operator a dynamic user experience, paired with S3 Advanced Engineerings exclusive Augmented Reality ( AR) glasses, tablet, and smart watch, the interface provides real-time data, status and alarms, no matter where the operator is located.

S3 Advanced Engineering has designed the daVINCI utilizing an exclusive modular platform where each module of the machine can operate as an individual system. This permits later upgrades in order to be able to provide our customers the possibility to upgrade individual parts of the machine with a more modern system as we develop them, without the need to replace or retrofit the entire machine. This allows our customers to always have the most up to date technology. Part compatibility and stock is guaranteed until 2030.

The Paint Cabin:
The paint cabin of the daVINCI is composed of an upper and lower module, each module has two independent paint arms, this gives the daVINCI a total of four completely independent paint arms. This exclusive system allows the daVINCI to paint several thin coats of paint with an intermediate dying process in order to achieve thick top-coats instead of just one thick coat (A patented process exclusive to S3 Advanced Engineering) at speeds of up to 5m per minute. Part position and height is determined in real time before it enters the paint cabin.
Each arm can be equipped with up to 4 airless spray guns, providing 2 different paint circuits.
The filtration system is equipped with pre-filters for easy and fast maintenance, as well as a variable speed main filtration system with automatic cleaning.

The Dying Tunnel:
The daVINCI is equipped with a 10 meter drying tunnel, expandable to 20 meters with our cold weather option.
The daVINCI utilized the exclusive S3 Advanced Engineering Air Management System (S3 AMS) This System can provide up to 10.000 cubic meters of hot air per hour with a 37kW / 50A warm up phase and 20A-25A with nominal working temperatures of 50ºC to 80ºC and peak temperatures of up to 167ºC during its warm up phase. This is achieved without the use of fossil fuels or heating elements. (A patented process exclusive to S3 Advanced Engineering) This eliminates the dangers of explosion or carbon monoxide in the factory, as well as the humidity associated with burning natural gas.
The entire ventilation system is built in to the structure of the drying tunnel, this helps to conserve energy in standby mode by using the thick metal structure as a heatsink.
The Drying tunnel provides a total energy savings of up to 76% compared to traditional machines currently on the market.

Pre-Heating + Blow Off Station.
The optional Preheating / Blow off station utilizes the same exclusive S3 Advanced Engineering Air Management System (S3 AMS) as the Drying tunnel and is normally mounted before the shot blast machine in order to dry off wet beams/plates, and help them get up to temperature in cold and wet environments.

Transport System.

The 16meter roller transport system provided for the infeed and outfeed of the daVINCI is able to smoothly transport beams and plates into and out of the machine. The roller tables have been carefully designed for low maintenance and reliability. The 12 meter ( 4 arms) cross transport system is a lift and carry type specially designed to protect the paint finish on newly painted beams and plates, fitted on both the infeed and outfeed of the daVINCI line.

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